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Deliver outstanding innovation and value in product design and related management services

Our Values

While our service offerings and customer base are broad, our culture and values are focused.  Applied Design Corporation was founded on three core values: innovation, integrity, and customer value. Aspiring to live by these is what drives us every day at Applied Design. Our customers and our people reap the benefits of this commitment.

Innovationthe key to progress.  Solving our customer’s problems with innovative solutions is what we do and we’re great at it. Above all we are resourceful. We engage, we probe, we see connections and ways of doing things that have escaped others. We drive towards the root of problems, not just the symptoms. We apply the best in knowledge and experience to yield outstanding solutions to the challenges at hand. We innovate everywhere, in our technical solutions, in our approach to business, and in the way we develop and reward our people.

Integrity the origin of quality.  We value each other and our customers as individuals and maintain high standards of conduct and performance. We work hard to continuously improve on our strengths while identifying and reducing our weaknesses. As an organization, as a team, we stay fully engaged in the process of executing our mission and realizing our vision with a strong spirit of collaboration. Our essential ability to achieve and excel comes from engaging the enthusiasm of our people whose dedication is inspired, and collective energies focused, by leadership that empowers, inspires and serves.

Value – a relentless corporate commitment.  Our expertise broadly serves the technology sector. Our aim is to delight our customers, to exceed their expectations. We do this by delivering innovative products and services on time and at a truly outstanding price. We control costs by design, we maintain an efficient infrastructure, and most importantly we reward our people with a stake in the outcome to engage them as a key part of the value equation. We practice good stewardship of our talent, our knowledge, and our capital. We waste little. We avoid re-inventing the wheel. We encourage creative freedom in innovation while insisting that customer value be recognized as a key driver.